About Me

Hi, I’m Kate and I live my life in a world of art and words. Which is perfect when you’re also doing what you love.

I’m passionate about trying new things and learning new skills. What’s amazing about me is how quickly I pick these up.

I’ve been on a journey through writing, design and marketing over the last decade or so, trying my hand at social media, copy-writing, and design. From writing content for marketing emails, running annual marketing campaigns for membership bodies, writing HTML and CSS for email templates, designing event materials and bookmarks for book launches, and creating loyalty cards and menus for restaurants, I’ve had an amazing career so far.

I’ve written for company blogs, managed social media and websites, and penned Press Releases to name but a few, and I’m not limited to any subject, having worked in industries from publishing and bookselling to charity and education.

Right now I’m taking the leap out of the corporate world into freelancing my skills for those within areas I’m passionate about. From Arts and Culture to Charitable Organisations, I want to work with small business owners to help their ideas get noticed. I’m passionate about sustainability and making sure my work is used for the good of the planet, so if you’re a small business owner or just starting out, I’m here to help.

I truly believe that we can all make a difference, and I hope my skills with content writing and editing, design, and anything in-between, can help change a life for the better, be it human, animal, or worldwide.

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