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It’s All About the Image: My Top 10 Favourite Free Stock Photo Sites

If you’re like me, you’re always after that perfect photo to use either at work or home.

While one day I hope to achieve photographic-excellence with my camera skills… well, until that day happens, I’m happy to be inspired by the incredible and whimsical photographs taken by those far more advanced in the camera arts than I.

So. On to my favourite top 10 sites I like to peruse…

1. Barn Images

I found Barn Images quite recently, but I love the aesthetics to the photographs, the tips, tricks and other freebies, and I’m sort of hooked on their Pinterest site… Don’t forget to sign-up to their newsletter – they’ll send free images and other recommendations right into your inbox.

2. Fancycrave

My all time favourite, and probably my first go-to site for free images. But that’s probably because I found this one first. They’ve grown since I first found the website. You can now download collections of images – check out their Christmas one, which I love (yes I know it’s months before December, but you need to get started early). They’ve also just started a Journal, with tips and other freebies across the wonderful world wide web…

3. Fotor

Over 335 million photos, 220 million of them licensed for creative use? Yes, you read right. And I really like how the website interface works, not to mention how you have the option either to download or directly embed the image into your website/blog directly, but copying the specific code.

4. Gratisography

Looking for something different? Whimsical? Unique? Ryan McGuire is your guy. All the photos on here are his, and they’re brilliant and hilarious.

5. Kaboompics

Not only could I stare at the photos on this site all day, but I can also download them to stare at for all time. There are some beautiful aesthetic images on Kaboompics, and I guarantee you’ll fall into the screen too.

6. Magdeleine

There’s a new beautiful aesthetic image every day, but what I love about Magdeleine is searching by colour and getting lost in the images that appear. Looking for something fiery red? Tranquil turquoise? Or a vibrant purple? Search for it here.

7. Pexels

A site purely devoted to free stock photos, and some great ones at that. Don’t forget to check out the tools section for extensions/plugins to link to your desktop, including Photoshop. Once it’s connected there’s no need to go searching on google for them again… or typing in the name wrong…

8. Splitshire

Again… it’s free image galore. Check out the link to the top best photos – you won’t be disappointed. And hey, have you joined their community yet? Why not share your own photographic expertise.

9. Stick Png.

If you’re looking for a photo here, expect it to be a meme of Trump’s head. There are hundreds of pngs on this site, so many I’m really not sure where to start. From Pikachu to Pacman, memes to Music Stars, Stick Png will surely let your imagination go wild.

10. Unsplash

Have I saved the best for last? Maybe. I love Unsplash because of the sheer number of images on this site. Over 200,000 free photos are available to browse and download, and hundreds are added everyday. You can also browse collections of photos – an easier way of finding that perfect photo.

And that’s it! I’m sure there’s hundreds more out there, and maybe you already know about a few of the sites mentioned here. If you don’t – check them out! And if you know any more, please share 🙂

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